Every Thing on CADREEverthing On CADRE

‘Knowledge is key to struggle’. Waging a struggle successfully without deep knowledge of the subject is very difficult. That is also true for Gp.‘B’ officers of Indian Railways. Cadre fixation is a very vital subject for career progression/ career planning of any category, still most of the Gp.‘B’ officers are not in know few of the details/implications of this, in full.

Step To StruggleStep To Struggle

The 'Step to Struggle' compendium contains Important extracts from Establishment Code, Establishment Mannual, Important Policy Letters regarding Seniority, Promotions, DPC rules, allowances, Incentives, Medical, Pay Fixation, DOPT's notifications etc. in addition to important quotes from varoius places, all concerning Gp.'B' officers.

The Historical InjusticeThe Historical Injustice

A new service class - the Lower Gazetted Services was introduced in the Railways (Indian Railways - as known now) in 1921, initially as a soup to Alien Indians - since the aspirations/ demands of natives for sharing more in administration couldnot be resisted much.

Genteel Genocide of Grp. 'B'Genteel Genocide for Gp.B

Genteel Genocide of Gp.'B' Gazetted Cadre in the Railway

The Testimony of the Travails of Gp.'B' officers of Railways

Welcome to Bansal Railways

Right information is the real power in the present day world and its utilization in proper way, as is believed, certainly makes positive changes in our attitude and life. It is rightly said “knowledge is a treasure but practice is the key to it”. Therefore it has been thought of by a dedicated group of officers of Railways drawn from different cadres/back ground to launch a website under the noble leadership & guidance of Mr.S.K.Bansal, IRSME (retd.) to disseminate information through the books, statistics and presentation given by Sh.S.K.Bansal and others to make the Group’B’ Railway Officers aware about their career progression related problem and finding solutions.

This website shall work as a platform wherefrom all the gazatted officers of the railway may get unbiased opinion on Railway circulars/instructions/letters issued by Railway Board and DOPT etc. and may have access to various statistics data compiled by Sh. S.K.Bansal and others to understand the matters more critically, analytically and even bitterly.

This website also aims to provide solutions to officers not only on collective/common issues but also personal service matters like D&AR legal matters free of cost.

This website shall also act as a tool of career development of officers, through e-seminars/e-discussions/e-lecture/e-learning of management techniques through management Gurus and top bureaucrats in Govt./ out of Govt. political personalities of eminence, besides the reading the valuable books written by Mr. S.K.Bansal .